Surgeon Andrew Miller Carries Out Wales’ First Robotic Partial Knee Replacement


For the first time in Wales, Mr Andrew Miller of Pinnacle Global Health has successfully performed a robotic knee replacement surgery at the Nuffield Vale Hospital, Pontyclun. An experienced orthopaedic surgeon specialising in joint replacements, Mr. Miller has been in practice for over ten years and carried out more than 500 traditional surgeries! However, now, for the first time, Mr. Miller has used the Stryker Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery System to provide a more precise and accurate operation. The patient, a local woman in her early 60s, had been suffering from severe arthritis and was not responding to other types of therapy. He became the first person in Wales to have robotic surgery, with Mr. Miller removing the affected joint and replacing it with a prosthetic one

What’s more, the extra accuracy of the robotic system meant that the recovery time was so much quicker, with Mr. Miller’s patient being discharged from hospital on the same day as his surgery. The patient also reported being able to comfortably walk about when he got home. Mr. Miller said “This is all down to the robot’s precision in inserting a new joint and we expect even better results from future surgeries”

Patient Results

The technology used in the groundbreaking operation was a Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery System – a 3rd generation robotic-arm, used for total hip and knee replacement. The system helps the surgeon to more accurately place the implants, whilst cameras and sensors provide real-time assistance during the operation. A CT scan is also undertaken beforehand to create a 3D plan for the surgeon, taking into account each patient’s unique anatomy and ligament tension.

This is a great leap forward from traditional joint replacements, which involve surgeons manually adjusting implants and aligning the joint using X-rays and measurements from the patient’s body.

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