The abdomen is made up of a complex array of muscles and tissues that allow for movement whilst also protecting the organs. This is referred to as the abdominal wall and even though it is hardy, like all muscles it can become damaged.

Abdominal Strain

An abdominal strain can occur at multiple points across the abdomen and can be caused by a sudden twisting motion, physical trauma, improper technique in sports or overuse. Symptoms include stiffness, sharp pain that can develop to an ache, swelling and spasms.

How is it treated?

Resting is the main treatment for an abdominal sprain with over the counter painkillers used to medicate symptoms whilst the muscles repair. To prevent further injury reoccurring, regenerative medicine is also an option for severe cases which injects natural stem cells into the damaged muscle, restoring the cells to their full strength.


A Hernia can emerge at different points across the abdominal wall. It is where an organ or fatty tissue pushes through the muscular lining, often creating a noticeable lump. A Hernia regularly doesn’t have any symptoms other than the lump itself, but if nausea, vomiting or fever are experienced, it needs to be checked immediately. They are often caused by excessive strain to the abdominal muscles, genetics, obesity and pregnancy.

How is it treated?

If the hernia is mild it may be a case of keeping an eye on it but the only true way to remove the problem is through surgery. The opening in the abdominal wall is sealed back shut, preventing the tissue from protruding through.

Rib Fracture

A rib fracture occurs when one or more of the bones that make up the ribcage crack or break. A break is more severe than a crack but both need to be checked by a medical professional to ensure there are no complications to nearby tissues, blood vessels or the lung itself. Symptoms include sudden pain, pain when breathing and tenderness of the chest. A fractured rib is caused by physical trauma, often by a fall, car accident or sports injury.

How is it treated?

Rest, rest and more rest! A fractured rib needs to be left to heal which also means eliminating the activity that may have caused the fracture. Taking regular painkillers can help with maintaining breathing correctly and prevent further complications such as pneumonia.

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