Originating in Germany, it is a welcome addition to the personalised medicine portfolio at Pinnacle, that stimulates the body’s powerful self-healing systems at the molecular level of Cells, Tissues and Organs.

Our Expert Consultant Dr Ansar Mahmood

GOLDIC® uses the patient’s own blood platelets in combination with special gold particles that act as catalysts promoting the production of cytokines. Cytokines strengthen the body’s immune and inflammation responses, treating  inflammatory and degenerative diseases such as arthritis and injuries of soft tissues such as tendons, muscles or ligaments.

What Can It Treat?

It relieves pain and promotes healing including healthy cell regeneration so patients can return to normal life sooner.

Treatment protocol for GOLDIC® injections:

The patient’s blood is drawn into specially designed tubes which contain gold particles. After a 24 hour incubation period the enriched GOLDIC® serum is injected into the affected area. The patient receives a total of 4 injections over a period of 2-4 weeks.

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