Pain Management & Injuries

A chronic condition can cause long-term discomfort, pain and distress simply because there is no obvious or instantaneous cure for the pain. This forces many to stop doing the activities, exercises and pursuits they love, having to change their lifestyle to revolve around pacifying symptoms instead. Sudden physical trauma such as a severe fall,

car accident or sports injury can cause debilitating damage to bone, cartilage, muscles, tendons and ligaments, creating a chronic condition with seemingly no solution. With seasoned experts, state-of-the-art facilities that utilise cutting edge modern medical sciences, we aim to get you back to your best, enjoying your life again!

What is Pain Management Intervention?

Interventional pain management is a series of non-invasive treatments that are uniquely organised to alleviate your pain. Using a blend of orthopaedic, intravenous, physical and technological treatments, can reduce and often prevent crippling symptoms in both acute and chronic conditions caused by injury, disease, lifestyle-related and post-surgical pain. Each plan depends on your needs and the complexity of your case.

What can it treat?

What does the treatment offer?

We believe that no one drug or therapy alone is sufficient — but rather, implementing a comprehensive approach to effectively ease symptoms brings you one step closer to a pain-free lifestyle. Our Pain Management Intervention care involves special procedures to treat and manage pain, such as:

Why Pinnacle Global Health?

Here at Pinnacle Health, our personalised pain management and injury programs are based on the latest scientific evidence, state-of-the-art treatments and equipment. We only measure our success by each patient’s ability to achieve their therapeutic goals of reducing the time and severity of the pain, increasing motion, learning new pain coping skills, ending sleep issues and improving your overall quality of life, ensuring you can return to pain-free living. Pinnacle prides itself on being at the forefront of holistic pain management. Our clinicians have been providing the latest surgical and non-surgical treatments for many years, alleviating pain and orthopaedic injuries for all age groups.


What to expect?

An initial appointment with one of our team will include a full musculoskeletal assessment, individualised consultation and a discussion of which treatments are required to help you achieve your specific goals. You will leave the appointment with a sense of freedom and progress toward pain-free mobility, with the ability to return to the sports, hobbies and activities that you love.

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