Regenerative Medicine is a bold new frontier for medical science that has revolutionised orthopaedics. It sounds as though it has been pulled straight from a Sci-Fi film, but this fresh-faced addition to healthcare has begun solving long-term musculoskeletal issues that were previously unsolvable! Rather than long-winded invasive surgical procedures or medicating recurring symptoms, Regenerative Medicine aims to repair the damaged cells that are causing the issue at the root.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Rather than patching a crack in a damaged wall, Regenerative Medicine regrows and reseals the broken brickwork! Metaphors aside, it uses natural substances from your body, such as stem cells or plasma rich platelets to rebuild the body’s foundations, engineering the cells to their original, full capability. This makes it incredibly effective in dealing with musculoskeletal issues, repairing ligaments, tendons and cartilage. These all-natural procedures are non-invasive with a minimal recovery time in comparison to surgery and eliminate a long-term recurring ailment, that previous methodology would only be able to medicate, not cure.

Dr. Julian Kennedy's experience with regenerative medicine

The Benefits Of Regenerative Medicine

Orthopaedic surgery is often used to minimise symptoms in an attempt to solve a musculoskeletal problem. These procedures come at a serious cost with lengthy recovery periods that come with serious postoperative discomfort and no assurance that the condition will not return regardless. Regenerative medicine is immensely effective in treating sports injuries, all orthopaedic conditions as well as failed surgeries, working perfectly alongside physical therapy.

Treatment Options

  • Mesenchymal cells are a ‘blank canvas’ that can transform, change and be applied to a particular part of the body to repair damage. There are sections of the body that are particularly rich in mesenchymal cells that are extracted, processed and re-injected into the area that needs repairing in a non-invasive and rapid procedure.

  • Lipogem therapy extracts fatty adipose cells from around the body and strategically re-injects them into the damaged areas as the fatty adipose tissue is full of mesenchymal cells that can transform and adapt to solve the injury.

  • Platelets in the blood play an integral role in the body’s healing process. Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) injections involve running samples of the patient’s blood through a centrifuge, concentrating and activating them which are then re-injected back into the body where they are most needed. This promotes the regrowth and healing of damaged tissue.

What can regenerative medicne treat?

What does the treatment offer?

Other options include Monocytes treatment, nSTRIDE® Autologous Protein Solution, Cingal® Injection and OSTENIL® injection. The components used in our treatment methods are obtained from our specialised Pinnacle™ PRP and stem cell procedures developed and being continuously refined in our research lab resulting in the highest quality and concentration of stem cells and healing properties. These treatments are preferred by our doctors due to their effective natural healing abilities, extremely low risk of infection or rejection, and minimal recovery time after they are administered.

Why Pinnacle Global Health?

We are a leading voice in the field of Regenerative Medicine and are on a mission to pioneer this exciting new form of treatment. We want patients to be back up on their feet and moving without problem, to be able to keep doing the sports, activities and hobbies that they love without hesitation! We offer a renowned and multi-talented practitioner team that provides this all-natural treatment option, as well as experts in other fields of medical science to help you live your best life.


What to expect?

An initial appointment with one of our team will include a full musculoskeletal assessment, individualised consultation and a discussion of which treatments are required to help you achieve your specific goals. You will leave the appointment with a sense of freedom and progress toward pain-free mobility, with the ability to return to the sports, hobbies and activities that you love.

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