Regardless of whether you’re an Olympian or a newcomer, sports offer an outlet for you to get fit whilst enjoying yourself. However, for all the fun that can be had, sports can also cause a host of physical problems. Contact sports, improper technique, overuse or excessive pressure on certain joints or just sheer bad luck can cause short term to chronic problems ranging from muscular tears to bone fractures.


What is sport & exercise medicine?

This specialised field of medicine focuses solely on those with sports-related injuries, healing the damage and preventing any further recurrences. Regardless of being an amateur or seasoned professional, sports medicine tries to get you back on your feet and enjoying sports again as soon as possible! At Pinnacle, our sports physicians will evaluate the severity of your injury and devise the best-personalised course of action. We aim for non-surgical options if possible using regenerative medicine, physiotherapy and treatment plans as the first port of call.

Why Pinnacle?

Our sports specialists work within state-of-the-art facilities alongside experts in regenerative medicine, orthopaedics, physiotherapy, nutrition, acupuncture and surgeons that can together find your best route back into sports. A holistic medical plan is devised between the team, identifying which medical interventions are required with an emphasis on non-invasive options first. Our combined experience includes working with Leicester Tigers, England’s Cricket Board, Leicester City Football Club, the FA, Professional Game Match Officials Board, Leicester County Cricket Club and world-class boxers. We are also one of the leading voices in the next generation of medical sciences, utilising regenerative medical practices that repair muscular damage with a faster recovery time.

  • Rapid and comprehensive recovery
  • Bespoke cutting edge treatment plans
  • Improve your athletic performance
  • No waiting list
  • World-class aftercare rehabilitation plan – at home or on-site
  • Diagnosing sports-related injuries
  • Designing a bespoke treatment and rehabilitation plan
  • Educating the patient on specific injury prevention
  • Evaluating and continually reviewing a patient’s condition
  • Prescribing medication, such as pain relief, when required
  • Working alongside other healthcare professionals as necessary

Why would I see a sport and exercise medicine specialist?

car accident or sports injury can cause debilitating damage to bone, cartilage, muscles, tendons and ligaments, creating a chronic condition with seemingly no solution. With seasoned experts, state-of-the-art facilities that utilise cutting edge modern medical sciences, we aim to get you back to your best, enjoying your life again!

What can sport medicine Treat?

What does the treatment offer?

We believe that no one drug or therapy alone is sufficient — but rather, implementing a comprehensive approach to effectively ease symptoms brings you one step closer to a pain-free lifestyle. Our Pain Management Intervention care involves special procedures to treat and manage pain, such as:

By Sport:

By Injury Classification:

Treatment Options:

What to expect?

An initial appointment with one of our team will include a full musculoskeletal assessment, individualised consultation and a discussion of which treatments are required to help you achieve your specific goals. You will leave the appointment with a sense of freedom and progress toward pain-free mobility, with the ability to return to the sports, hobbies and activities that you love.

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