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What is Durolane?

DUROLANE is hyaluronic acid injection therapy for mild-to-moderate osteoarthritis designed to provide powerful and long-lasting pain relief.

What makes DUROLANE different is its hyaluronic acid formulation, which has been carefully stabilized to resist degradation, extending the time DUROLANE stays in the joint and adding to its long-lasting effect.

As the chosen therapy of over 2 million osteoarthritis patients worldwide, it is clinically proven safe for repeated courses of therapy, and provides longer-lasting pain relief versus a steroid injection or Synvisc-One®.

Durolane at a Glance

Time to Assessment:
24 - 48 Hours

Back to work:
In no time

Initial Assessment:
From £65

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How does Durolane work?

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule found naturally throughout the human body. It is an important component of joint fluid, called synovial fluid, which provides lubrication and cushioning in normal, healthy joints.

When you have osteoarthritis of the knee, the hyaluronic acid breaks down and becomes diluted, reducing its natural elastic properties, which can further degrade cartilage tissue and cause increased joint pain.

Hyaluronic acid in osteoarthritic joints has lost its natural viscoelastic properties, which are needed to protect joint tissues. This loss of viscoelasticity means that the synovial fluid no longer retains the ability to absorb shock and protect surrounding cartilage tissue.

The hyaluronic acid in DUROLANE has the same composition as the natural hyaluronic acid your body produces, but it’s in a highly concentrated formulation that’s been uniquely stabilized to help resist the degradation caused by osteoarthritis. DUROLANE is administered as a single-injection directly into the knee.

Administered by our Specialists

We use the latest Ultrasound Technology to target points of the body where you feel pain. This precision targeting is proven to maximise your outcomes from the Durolane injection.

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