Autologous Protein Solution

(APS) is a natural biological treatment and has minimal side effects for the treatment of Osteoarthritis; with no drugs being involved.

The Injection is administered without the need for Anaesthesia in a Pinnacle Treatment Room equipped with High-Tec Ultrasound Facilities to target the Precise Area of Inflammation, maximising the positive outcome!


Dr Ansar Mahmood is one of the one of the UK’s Leading Consultants in Orthobiologics

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Some of our Most Common nSTRIDE® FAQs

What exactly is nSTRIDE®?

nSTRIDE® APS® is a protein solution collected from your own body to help alleviate pain long-term and regain mobility and function. Blood is extracted from you and the plasma is then used to extract approximately 2-3 cc of:

  • Anabolic Growth Factors
  • Special Proteins involved in the healing processes of the body
  • Anti-Inflammatory Proteins that suppress inflammation

How is it different from Cortisone and Hyaluronic injections?

(APS) is a natural biological treatment and has minimal side effects for the treatment of osteoarthritis with no drugs being involved.
The injection is administered without the need for anaesthesia in our very own treatment room with ultrasound facility to target the precise area of inflammation, maximising the positive outcome.

Your family can attend with you and may have to wait outside while taking blood samples or during injection in accordance with the infection policies. It is a walk in walk out procedure at the clinical site with next to no pain.

Is nSTRIDE® APS the same as PRP?

nSTRIDE® APS and PRP injections are similar in that both are autologous treatments that utilise blood proteins to promote tissue healing. The key difference between the two is that nSTRIDE® APS contains white blood cells (leukocytes) and anti-inflammatory proteins (cytokines), which are not present in PRP injections.

What can nSTRIDE® Treat?

nSTRIDE® APS® has helped numerous Pinnacle patients to reduce or slow down the progress of osteoarthritis in the knee, dampening down knee pain, improving joint function & slowing down cartilage wear and tear.

It can treat:

  • Mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis in the knee, hip & ankle
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

What is the Treatment protocol for nSTRIDE® APS injections?

nSTRIDE® APS injections are a simple minimally invasive procedure:

  • A Pinnacle Clinician takes your Blood harvesting the White Blood Cells
  • Within 20 minutes blood is processed to make Anti-Inflammatory Proteins with a Centrifuge and the Resulting Plasma is then reinjected back into your Joints
  • 2-3cc of final output will be injected directly in the area of pain
  • One injection is sufficient as demonstrated by Clinical Studies

What types of Patients are suitable for nSTRIDE® APS?

  • Osteoarthritis patients where keyhole surgery is not going to give them a great deal of benefit
  • Those that fall in the gap and are not in need of knee replacement but struggling with pain and mobility

Not all patients are suitable for nSTRIDE® APS!

Contact Pinnacle to find out if nSTRIDE will suit your needs!.

What are the benefits of nSTRIDE® APS Injections?

nSTRIDE® APS may significantly decrease or eliminate pain, reduce stiffness and help restore mobility, function and flexibility for up to 3 years after a single treatment.

Here’s what to expect in majority of cases:

  • Expect pain relief to kick in after one to two weeks
  • Potentially help slow the destruction of Cartilage

How long can I expect the benefits to last?

Based on Clinical Results, Patients may expect to see Targeted Relief between 2-3 years from one Injection!


How long do I have to wait before I can resume normal activities after my treatment?

Normally, you can resume Pre Injection Level Activities 14 days after you Injection Our Patient Care Team coordinates your Aftercare Visits – including your Rehabiliation Jounrey – and all follow up appointments as outlined in your Personalised Aftercare nSTRIDE® APS Program with your Consultant.

The Chief Scientist behind the Development of nSTRIDE® APS

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